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Basic Care & Maintenance


  1. The panel surface is made from hardened glass and will withstand some impacts, e.g., from hailstones, small fruits and the like. However, care must be taken to avoid the impact of hard objects like stones, coconuts, bits of metal, etc.

  2. The surface of the panels must be cleaned regularly (especially in the dry harmattan season) for maximum efficiency. This is best done with plain water and a soft, moistened cloth or duster.

  3. The inverter has a safety circuit to protect the batteries from overcharging and over-discharging.

  4. The inverter will also shut off in case of overheating, which can happen when the surge power rating is exceeded.

  5. The batteries should be observed at least once every week, and any leakage around the batteries, low liquid levels, or swelling should be reported immediately to Solar Light.


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