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Safety Precautions


  1. Large currents are present at the battery terminals. There is danger of an explosion and fire if the terminals of the battery are short-circuited. There is also danger of electrocution. Care must be taken with spanners, screwdrivers, necklaces, knives or other metal objects when the cover of the battery bank is open.

  2. Keep children away from all electrical parts.

  3. The batteries must be installed in an area with sufficient ventilation. This is to ensure that potentially explosive gases generated during charging are quickly diffused to reduce fire hazard.

  4. The inverter can get quite hot during normal operation. The inverter must be mounted in a well-ventilated area.

  5. When power from the solar-electric system goes off during use, shut down all appliances. Do not turn on the appliances until the batteries have had some time to re-charge (about one day of full sunshine or 4-8 hours of AC charging).

  6. The inverter is a sensitive piece of high technology microprocessor equipment. Only Solar Light or an authorized agent should handle the inverter. High voltages and currents are present in the inverter even when it is turned off.

  7. Please read all materials provided concerning the installation, and contact Solar Light if you have any questions.


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